Academic Year Abroad 2017 – 2018

The Academic Year Abroad offered by Choices International is aimed at students between 16 و 18 years old who wish to study abroad for a full academic year (9 months) whilst discovering a new country, experiencing a new culture, practising and improving the language.

يتطلب هذا البرنامج أن الطالب لديه النضج والتصميم. This is because living in another country with different customs and habits is not easy and involves great adaptability. لكن, the rewards of an Academic Year Abroad are numerous: students learn to be more independent, لاتخاذ قراراتهم بأنفسهم وتطوير شعور الإنسان, as well as to improve communication skills and fluency. تساهم هذه المعرفة إلى أن تنضج وإثراء شخصية الطالب.

Choices International students can choose between study in the United Kingdom or Spain and living with a family or in a hall of residence in the school with other students.

Academic Year Abroad Academic Year Abroad
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