Academic Year Abroad 2017 – 2018

The Academic Year Abroad offered by Choices International is aimed at students between 16 e 18 years old who wish to study abroad for a full academic year (9 months) whilst discovering a new country, experiencing a new culture, practising and improving the language.

Questo programma richiede che lo studente ha la maturità e determinazione. This is because living in another country with different customs and habits is not easy and involves great adaptability. Tuttavia, the rewards of an Academic Year Abroad are numerous: students learn to be more independent, di prendere le proprie decisioni e sviluppare un sentimento umano, as well as to improve communication skills and fluency. Questa conoscenza contribuisce a maturare e di arricchire la personalità dello studente.

Choices International students can choose between study in the United Kingdom or Spain and living with a family or in a hall of residence in the school with other students.

Academic Year Abroad Academic Year Abroad
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