Application Form High School UK – Terms & Conditions



To secure a place on a course in an Academic year please send a completed enrolment form together with the registration fee of £550 or full fees in advance to [email protected]. Applications will not be processed until registration has been paid (in the case of a visa refusal a refund of the registration will be granted on production of an original visa refusal document except and administration charge of £250). The completed enrolment form can be sent by e-mail or post. Choices International will confirm the booking and send a letter of acceptance and an invoice for the total fees due.

Any balance of fees should be paid in 2 instalments prior to the course commencement date and should include any bank charges. There will be no refund in the event of late arrival or leaving before the end of the course. Enrolments are accepted on the understanding that the student will study for the length of stay that has been stated on the enrolment form.

If at any time Choices International / Berlitz is unable to provide the course for which a client has been enrolled, an alternative course of a similar or higher specification will be provided, if available, at no additional cost.

Choices International / Berlitz reserves the right to cancel or withhold confirmation of a booking or to withdraw educational and accommodation facilities after course commencement, at its discretion, if at any time incorrect information is supplied by or on behalf of the client, fees due to Choices International / Berlitz from the client have not been received, or if such action is otherwise deemed necessary in the interests of the client or Berlitz Manchester.

Choices International / Berlitz reserve the right to charge 1% per month on the unpaid amount of the fees due with effect from four weeks before the date of course commencement.

Choices International / Berlitz must be notified of all arrival and departure details at least 20 days before the start of the course.

All course places will be confirmed when either the deposit or full fees have been received. Payment of the deposit fee is regarded as acceptance of the booking terms & conditions and is non-refundable.


Registration fee (non-refundable)  £550


  • First payment (before de 28th April 2014) – 40%  £6,000
  • Second payment (before 23th June 2014) – 60% (£9,100) + deposit (£2,000)  £11,100


  • First payment (before de 28th April 2014) – 40%
  • Second payment (before 23th June 2014) – 60%




  • PaytoStudy: To make your payment by local bank transfer, please log onto Here you will firstly need to register your payment, which will then provide you with the local PaytoStudy bank account details in your home country. This will allow  you  to  make  your  payments  in  your  local  currency  and  ensure  you  are  not  charged  any international banking fees.
  • Credit Card: We accept VISA, Master, Maestro, JCB, American Express and Diners. The card holder will be asked to sign and fax back to us a Credit Card Authorization Form. Payments made by Credit/Debit card will incur a transaction fee of 2.5% and 3.5% surcharge for payment made by American Express and Diners.
  • Bank Transfer using SWIFT to: 
  • Choices International SL
  • The Royal Bank of Scotland
  • St Ann Street Office, St. Ann Street, Manchester M60 2SS
  • Account number: 16 00 18 41474372
  • Account sort number: 16 00 18
  • IBAN: GB44RBOS16001841474372


All payments must be in UK Sterling. All bank charges in the country of origin and in UK are to be paid in remittance by the applicant.

Students must pay all fees due at on the specified dates above and no later than 4 weeks before the course starts. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of the programme and the assignment of the vacancy to another student.



All cancellations must be made in writing and will be confirmed in writing by Choices International.

Cancellations are subject to the following charges:

Once the course has started fees paid are non-refundable. A student who fails to attend any part of his/her  course  due  to  illness  or  any  other  reason  whatsoever,  whether  within  or  outside  the student’s control, shall not be entitled to a refund of any fees paid, nor to attend any classes in place of those missed.

Any cancellation after registration in the programme will incur in a non-refundable amount of £1,500. Within 4 weeks before the course starts, 50% of the course fee.

In the case of a student being dismissed for bad behaviour or insufficient attention to his or her studies, lack of motivation or breaking school rules, shall not be entitled to a refund of any fees paid, nor to attend any classes in place of those missed. 


Where applicable, Choices International / Berlitz will provide all necessary documentation to enable students to secure their visas for the programme. However, Choices International / Berlitz can only provide such visa service on receipt of payment in full. Should a student be unsuccessful in their visa application, all fees apart from the administration charge will be refunded upon receipt of a copy of the Visa refusal letter. Express courier cost: £60.



Our insurance policy covers the following areas:

  • Medical coverage
  • Personal accident, baggage, clothes & personal effects
  • Travel delay


Cancellation Insurance will apply ONLY once the course has started, under FORCE MAJEURE and it is regulated by the Cancellation Insurance Policy.

Choices International / Berlitz will not be liable for loss, damage, illness or injury to persons or property however caused, except where such liability is expressly imposed beyond exclusion by statute. We highly recommend taking out our medical insurance to cover the payment of all medical expenses.


We accept students on the assumption that they are of sound health.



Choices International / Berlitz reserves the right to refuse or exclude any person at any time prior to or during the operational dates of the centre if in the opinion of Choices International / Berlitz, that person is incompatible with the general well-being and safe running of the centre. In this instance no refund will be given and any costs incurred, including any damage, will be passed on to the student or their parents or guardians, who will also be held responsible for any repatriation costs. On arrival residential students may be required to pay a deposit against possible damage or loss of keys. The deposit will be refunded on departure provided that no damage or loss of keys has taken place



Choices International / Berlitz may cancel the reservation due to a Force Majeure Event which shall include circumstances beyond the control of   Choices International / Berlitz, including but not limited to: war, threat of war, political crisis, civil commotion or strife, terrorist activity, strike or industrial action, natural disaster, fire and technical problems due to closure of airports or other transport problems making it impossible or unreasonable to travel. Physical injury of participant prior to date of attendance is not a force majeure event but one reason why we urge you to obtain insurance coverage. In such event,   Choices International / Berlitz will refund all the monies paid by you or will propose another camp.



Any alterations to bookings must be confirmed in writing. Choices International / Berlitz reserves the right to charge a further administration charge of £50. No changes will be allowed under any circumstances once the course has started.



Choices International / Berlitz will vehemently pursue any student damaging or defacing property while at the Camp and strong action will be taken against such students. Payments will be sought in full from any such student (or responsible parents) BEFORE departure to repair such damage. Participants must keep their room tidy, clean and in the same condition as it was when they arrived at the camp.  Choices International / Berlitz reserves the right to expel any student from its centers if there is willful damage to property, theft of property or act of vandalism.



Any complaints against any aspect of the services provided by Choices International / Berlitz should be addressed in the first instance to the local representative on site. In the event that the matter is not resolved, the client or his agent should make an immediate complaint in writing to our head office. Such complaints will be investigated by the company. Complaints should be received within one month of the termination of the course, and all fees and costs associated with the booking settled in full as laid in the details here stated.



For a charge we provide a ‘meet and greet’ service at the airport and transportation to the centre. We will meet students in arrivals and wait with them for other students arriving at a similar time. At the airport all Choices International / Berlitz staff will be identified and carry a large Choices International / Berlitz sign. Students could also be met by our authorised driver.



There will be a charge of £50 for students travelling as an unaccompanied minor (UM). This service guarantee that Choices International / Berlitz named person will wait with the student until airline staff takes him/her to the aircraft.



Arrangements and courses outlined in Choices International / Berlitz publicity materials are given in good faith. However, courses, activities and timetables may be subject to change for reasons of safety, or in the event of unsuitable weather conditions or other factors, which may arise beyond our control. Choices International / Berlitz reserves the right to change the particularities of courses, including changes to courses, venues, facilities or dates of programmes where circumstances beyond our control necessitate such changes or where the level of bookings received does not exceed the minimum number required to operate a course viably.

In this event we shall either provide comparable services or refund such part of that service which relates to the change. In either case, Choices International  / Berlitz’s liability shall cease and clients shall have no other or further claim against us. It is automatically assumed that pictures taken of students participating in activities or lessons can be used in future brochures and advertising material.

Choices International / Berlitz reserve the right, by giving notice to clients at any time before the start date, to increase the price of the services being provided to reflect any increase in costs to our organizations, which is due to factors beyond our control, such as, without limitations, significant increases in accommodation costs, transport costs, labour costs etc. Choices International / Berlitz do not accept liability for personal injury or the death of any student unless caused by the proven negligence of our staff.



Any personal data that you supply to Choices International will be held and processed only for the purpose for which it is supplied. We ensure that all personal data is captured, held and processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

The information you supply will be divulged to third parties only within the provisions of the Data Protection Act.



Company brochures, website and other publicity materials are the responsibility of Choices International and the details are published in good faith as of 3rd April 2014. It is not issued on behalf of the schools or colleges therein.

For promotional  purposes  we  will take  photographs  and  videos  during  our  courses  or  football programme which may be used in brochures or other publicity materials. Please advise at the time of booking if you do not wish to appear in any promotional material.


All students should have a Skype interview to check their English language abilities.

If a student’s language level is too low for the course selected, Choices International will recommend an alternative course to upgrade the required level for the programme prior to the course start.

Students are required to sign that they have understood the rules and to obey them at all times.

Luggage and personal effects may be left in the residence or in the host family during half-term, Christmas and Easter Vacations, but must be removed at the end of the academic year. The school is not able to store luggage or any student property.

Students are expected to wear uniform during school hours if the school’s code requires so, and to maintain good standards of dress and behaviour at all times, both inside and outside the school. In signing this application form you agree that your child will accept the rules and discipline of the school and football programme.

Any student who is deficient in motivation or good manners will receive help and advice, and if this fails will receive a written warning.

Any further occurrence of the problem will result in the student being asked to leave the school and the programme.

Any student who is found breaking the law, drinking alcohol, taking drugs or endangering other students by disregarding the fire regulations will be removed from the school/soccer programme without any notice or warning.

Our  organization  has  policie on  child  protection discipline and  bullyin as  well  as  complaints procedure.

Ou organization  acts  only  as  an  intermediary  betwee th school  an host  familie and  between the School  and  trave companies.  Unless  and  to  th extent  caused  by  th school’s negligence, our organization cannot be held responsible for any delay or accident during a journey or for incident which may happen during the students stay with the host family or travelling to the school.

Our organization reserves the right not to allow on the course any student suffering from any illness or disability which has not been disclosed on the registration form.