Become a Partner Agent

We recognise study abroad agencies that work regularly and professionally with us by making them official Choices International Partners.

To become a Partner Agent, you must meet certain essential criteria. Your agency must:

• be professional and well-established (at least 1 year of operation)
• send students regularly.
• be in good standing with your partner schools

*We ask your partner schools to verify your productivity.

What are the benefits for Partner Agents?

• A special logo for use on your website and brochures
• An official certificate of representation.
• Exclusive offers and promotions.

If you meet these conditions please fill in the form :

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 Chelsea FC Foundation Soccer Schools Goalkeeping Chelsea FC Foundation International Elite Tennis Academy Parents & Children

 Standard Programme + Activities Soccer Academy in Manchester summer Soccer Academy in Manchester All year High School Placement Parents & Children

 Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation Technification campus experience Real Madrid Foundation High School Placement Parents & Children

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