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лагерь День

Chelseabanner_2white_HRChelsea FC Foundation Soccer School Day Camp is designed for children who want a fun holiday experience while they practise their favourite sport and improve their English language skills.

Эта программа предназначена для студентов в возрасте от 9-17 лет, любого уровня способности, улучшить свои навыки в футбол.

With our Day Camp Programme, children will have a chance to build self-confidence and to participate in team building activities. We want to ensure students enjoy their summer stay with us and to learn useful skills for the future.

We create a warm, fun and safe environment for children, within excellent facilities. This programme runs from Monday to Saturday.

Day camp participants can choose between different options:

  • Intensive Soccer: состоит из 16 часов футбола в неделю и включает в себя практические занятия по навыкам и тактики.
  • English Course plus Soccer: 16 часов футбольных тренировок плюс 13 часов занятий английским языком в неделю.


Language tuition uses a fun, participative approach to learning and emphasises spoken language skills within a soccer context. Students receive 13 часов занятий английским в неделю, преподается квалифицированными педагогами в классах максимального размера 15 студенты. Students are tested on arrival, and placed in classes with other students of approximately the same level.

Every Wednesday our teachers will give seminars incorporating video analysis of matches but also they will cover important aspects such as tactics, техника, питание и спорт психология как часть программы по футболу.

Residential Accommodation

Individual en-suite rooms at Roehampton University, Froebel College.


  • Training at Chelsea F.C.’s very own world-class Surrey training facility.
  • 2 х разовое питание (обед и ужин).
  • Chelsea F.C. Foundation training kit.
  • 13 часов занятий английским языком (if requested).
  • 3 excursions: 2 полдня экскурсии (London Eye and Stamford Bridge Stadium Tour) & 1 экскурсия на целый день (London tour and shopping).
  • Closing ceremony & certificates.


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