USN 볼튼 아레나

High-performance Tennis Academy


Choices international in collaboration with USN Bolton Arena Tennis Academy offers a tennis camp for children aged 9 에 17 who wish to learn English, improve their tennis skills and become professional tennis player. Our participants also consistently compete in all age groups at National, European, International and professional tournaments.


Our qualified and experienced team of coaches works closely with every player to provide a personal, unique programme incorporating all aspects required for success at the highest level. This integrated approach covers areas including strength & conditioning, sports science, nutrition and sports psychology; in addition to technical and match tactics and strategy.


언어 수업은 재미를 사용, 학습에 대한 참여 방식 및 음성 언어 능력을 강조. This programme includes 15 hours of English classes per week and has specifically designed for children with an interest in tennis field. Students are tested on arrival and placed in classes with other students of approximately the same level.


The academy has hosted Davis Cup matches and other international competition tournaments. The cutting – edge facilities include:

  • 8 indoor tennis courts.테니스
  • 2 outdoors clay courts.
  • 체육관.
  • Sauna & steam room.
  • 400m athletic track.
  • Football pitches.
  • Classroom.
  • Café.
  • Tennis sports shop.


  • 10 hours of tennis training per week, including 5 hours’ physical and 2,5 hours’ tennis specific education.
  • 15 주당 영어 수업 시간.
  • 일박 삼식 제, 주거 시설.
  • Activities and excursions.
  • 무료, 감독 인터넷.
  • 결산 발표 & certificate of attendance.

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