Become a Partner Agent

We recognise study abroad agencies that work regularly and professionally with us by making them official Choices International Partners.

To become a Partner Agent, you must meet certain essential criteria. Your agency must:

• be professional and well-established (at least 1 year of operation)
• send students regularly.
• be in good standing with your partner schools

*We ask your partner schools to verify your productivity.

Downloads Programmes, Images and Forms


What are the benefits for Partner Agents?

• A special logo for use on your website and brochures
• An official certificate of representation.
• Exclusive offers and promotions.

If you meet these conditions please fill in the form :

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Are you interested in the following programmes that we offer?

Chelsea FC Foundation Soccer SchoolsInternational Tennis AcademyDance ProgrammeInternational Golf Academy

High Performance Soccer Academy with Academic StudiesManchester Soccer AcademyTennis Bolton ArenaMinistay

Real Madrid Foundation Campus ExperienceAtlético de Madrid Foundation ProgrammeGymnastics Camp Programme

Rafa Nadal Academy

David Ferrer Tennis Academy

Residential Junior Programmes


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