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This programme is designed for students aged 12-17 years, to benefit from the best possible combination of language learning and recreation during the school holiday.

Under the guidance of our native-speaking counsellors, campers use their new language skills throughout the day, both during instruction as well as in the afternoon and evening activities.


The participants at our camps don’t only learn during the morning lessons made up of lively components such as interviews and role plays, they are also encouraged to put the language they have learnt into practice during their leisure time.

Participants have the opportunity to learn a foreign language, take part in exciting activities and make new friends, whilst also being on holiday. At the same time, they’re laying the foundations for improving their performance in school the following year, almost without realizing it.


As well as having lots of fun, children return home with improved knowledge of the foreign language and enhanced motivation. We know from experience that participants achieve significant progress in their learning and that their self-confidence improves, so the benefits are two-fold.


  • Residential accommodation and catering (full-board).
  • Daily English tuition in the morning (3 hours), except on arrival and departure days and on full day trips.
  • Small group language classes (maximum 8 – 12 students).
  • Daily afternoon and evening programme in English.
  • Cost for all equipment required to participate in workshops and in evening activities.
  • Airport transfers according to the stipulations in this information.
  • Choices certificate of completion.

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