Lord´s Indoor Cricket Centre Academy

Choices International are providing a unique opportunity for junior players to train in London, at the Lord´s Indoor Cricket Centre, the historic centre of world cricket. As the home of English Cricket, Lord´s has hosted over 200 years of cricket history.

The world´s most famous players train and compete in the city each summer and, through the Choices International Cricket Academy, junior players can follow the training experiences of the elite. Led by world-class coaches in England´s leading training facility, players will have access to the latest technology and techniques to enhance their skills.


The Lord´s Indoor Cricket Centre programme provides skills training as well as opportunities for indoor games at the world-class cricket facilities. Training is overseen by the highly-experienced coaches who will provide insight and advice supported by the use of the latest performance analysis technology.

Lord´s Indoor Cricket Centre training sessions are run in small groups to maximise coaching time. Players of all abilities are welcome to learn from this in-depth experience. We offer two different training performance levels:

Toby “Tobiwan” Dawson will lead the eSport Programme classes. Toby is a world-renowned commentator who has cast almost every genre of game in eSports including FPS, RTS, MOBA, Battle Royale & more.

He will be bringing his experience both on & off the camera to all those who are looking to find a path into this profession.

Silver Development Programme

Fun and Enjoyable training with strong technical coaching to help players improve. Emphasis on individual skills through specialised classes, with all players being given a future performance plan and report to build on at their home club.

Gold High-Performance Programme

Technical coaching and analysis to help players strive towards their targets and aspirations. Players will also spend time learning about tactical analysis and team responsibilities. All individuals will receive a comprehensive performance review.

High Performance batting analysis

PitchVision technology allows the coaches to offer in-net analysis of a player’s performance. This provides instant form feedback in the net itself and maximises the coaching experience. Player reports will include a video of performance and stats package.

High Performance bowling analysis

Using HawkEye, coaches can accurately pin-point bowling speed, line and length to measure areas of performance enhancement. Players can experience visual feedback in virtual-reality delivery play-back within a virtual match environment.


  • 4 hours of daily coaching.
  • Training at Lord´s Indoor Cricket Centre
  • Detailed coaching analysis using advanced equipment and technology.
  • Tour of Lord´s Cricket Ground & the MCC Museum
  • All training transport provided
  • Full board, residential accommodation.
  • 1 half-day excursion per week and a full-day weekend excursion for a 2-week bookings to exciting London locations.
  • Free, supervised internet access.
  • Closing presentation & certificate award.


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