Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation

Technification Goalkeeping

9.1 Campus experience
Develop your soccer skills with the Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation and gain an insight into the techniques and training methods of Champions. The programme is offered in association with Choices International.

This programme is unique in providing in-depth training covering technical skills, tactical appreciation, psychology and physical training techniques. The Coaching programme is delivered by trained, qualified coaches using the Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation model.


The Technification Goalkeeping Residential Camp is aimed at boys and girls from 9 to 17 years old who are federated. It is recommended for young people who have achieved a good level of soccer. It is focused on the perspective of the integral education of participants and is based on four mainstays:

  1. Technical-tactical perspective, there will be a work plan, so that every participant can develop all their skills in a dynamic, balanced and effective way oriented to real soccer practice.
  2. Physical and motor skills, so that they are aware of the importance of the physical improvement, the best training methods, the reasons for them and the influence they will have on their performance.
  3. Health, in order to be aware of the importance of this mainstay in their sports careers. In order to achieve this goal, workshops will be scheduled, focused on injury prevention, nutrition, bandages, shoes and proper surfaces.
  4. Values education, through an effective educational way in order to be trained not only as athletes but more importantly as people.


The European University of Madrid is also a sports facility with a soccer field, sports hall, heated swimming pool, 4 multi-purpose courts, 4 paddle courts and 5 tennis courts. It includes also exercise physiology, biomechanics and training laboratories.


  • Training at the Europea University of Madrid.
  • 2 training sessions per day with optional language classes (Spanish or English)
  • Full board residential accommodation at the Europea University of Madrid.
  • Medical and travel insurance.
  • Daily bus transfer to training facilities.
  • Real Madrid FC Foundation training kit.
  • Tour of Santiago Bernabeu stadium and museum.
  • Closing presentation
  • Certificate Award.


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