Elite Pro Club Showcase Experience Bolton

Age: 14 – 17
Date: 19th – 27th October 2019

Under the direction of the Bolton Wanderers Academy coaching team, the Bolton Elite Pro-Club Experience is an opportunity for you to experience the training methods of a professional club and showcase your talents within a world-class soccer programme.

Technical sessions are led by the Academy coaches and apply the same rigorous standards applied to the professional teams. They are designed to highlight areas for development and enable each player to develop to the best of their ability. Programmes typically cover skills in areas including:

  • Passing & receiving laying under pressure.
  • Reactive movement off the ball.
  • Defending when Balanced & when Unbalanced.
  • Defending 1 v 1.
  • Defending 2 v 2.
  • Psychological Testing possession.
  • Decision making in the final third.
  • Combination play in and around the box.
  • Support play.
  • Small sided, conditioned games 4 v 4, 6 v 6, 8 v 8.
  • Crossing & finishing.
  • Playing through the middle third.
  • Creating scoring opportunities.

The programme will also include strength and conditioning training to help participants gain insight into the how players meet the physical demands of professional football.

This is the ultimate coaching experience for players looking for an insight into the needs and demands of the professional game; whilst providing an opportunity to showcase your talents in a world-class soccer environment.

You will receive a coaching programme based around our Club’s philosophy. We aim to develop every player to their maximum potential and offer coaching in all aspects of the game; promoting Discipline, Teamwork, Respect, Communication, Professionalism and Empathy.

What is your level of soccer?

This programme is aimed at advanced players who may be currently playing for a club and are already highly skilled.

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