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Choices International has partnered with PaytoStudy to offer you a FREE international payment solution for all your fee payments in your local currency at your local bank. There is no charge and it is absolutely FREE to use.

By using this service, we can offer cheaper, faster and more secure payments from outside of the UK and Spain.

What are the benefits of paying through PaytoStudy?

  • A Safer method of payment.
  • No international sender/receiver fees.
  • Excellent exchange rates.
  • 24-hour customer service & online tracking of payments.
  • Quick allocation of your payment.

How to make a payment?

PaytoStudy uses a simple 3 step process to ensure that payments are sent securely and without any cost:

  1. Visit juniorcoursesspain.paytostudy.com to pay your programme in Spain or visit juniorcoursesuk.paytostudy.com to pay for your programme in the UK to register and enter your payment details.
  2. Your payment will be processed using the exchange rate for that day and deposited into the PaytoStudy bank account in your home country and in your local currency.
  3. Once PaytoStudy receives your payment, it will be immediately transferred to Choices International via an account in the UK/Spain.

Credit card payments

You can also pay for your Choices International’s programme using your credit/debit card through PaytoStudy to avoid any banks charges. Just follow the steps above.