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  • pedro - londonThis programme is so complete, it has been a great experience and I would love to repeat it again! You can improve your English and soccer skills and the same time! Everybody was very nice and friendly. I really enjoyed training at Cobham facilities. You can’t imagine how incredible is to feel like a professional football player! London is so close and we went to visit many important venues in the city.

    The training sessions were so professional and fun as well as the language classes. All the staff and teachers helped a lot with anything you needed. The games were very good because the vocabulary stays in your head and you also have fun.

    Vicente (Spain) 16 years old
  • Patricia LivebeepThis summer has been amazing. I did really had fun at the camp, I met a lot of friends and definitely it was an unforgettable stay! I felt at home during the two weeks, they made my stay simple and unforgettable. I made great progress with my English because I had to understand and communicate with the people worldwide for two weeks.

    Real Madrid programme is so complete; we practiced different exercises every day. The staff was patient, nice and with a high standard level of sport. The activities are very varied and we even discovered the typical sports of Spain! During the activities, we always had fun and laughed. I can’t wait to go back again!

    Patricia (Italia) 14 years old
  • eduardo - madrid academic year

    I heard amazing comments about this programme so I decided to enroll. Now I'm having an incredible academic year indeed. I have met many people and have made a lot of friends. Training at Real Madrid Foundation is helping and teaching me a lot and it allows me to know how to handle my soccer skills! In fact, I wish I could stay here for more time! I don’t want to leave!

    When you are training in one of the best football teams worldwide with almost always good weather and with a kind atmosphere... what more could you ask for? The school is residential and with a high quality standards. Strongly recommended!

    Eduardo (Mexico) 15 years old
  • Almanbet Turdubekov copiabI loved Berlitz School. There were good professionals and they found good ways to teach students. The lessons were always interesting and made you want to learn. But, since I’m a football player, I had to spend more time training and work English at home. If I had more opportunities to go to school, I would make it.

    The soccer training really surprised me, it was so good and personalized; I really enjoyed the activities we made every day. The staff had a great soccer experience and I did really improve my sport skills. Thanks! They were always willing to help with anything you needed. I met a lot of friends and you had to make an effort to put in practice all we learnt at language classes. Thanks for helping me with my English and soccer training.

    Almanbet (Kazahstan) 16 years old