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If you love football, golf, tennis or dance, then you’ll love working at Choices International! We run an exciting variety of residential summer camps for children from all over the world aged 9 to 17. Our mission is to provide children with the opportunity to practice their favorite sports whilst improving their English language skills.

We are currently recruiting staff for our next residential camps. So if you are enthusiastic, dedicated, conscientious, motivated and would like to work for us, get in touch!

Choices Internationals runs several sports summer programmes combine with Spanish/English lessons in Spain and England. All staff at the centres is required to be residential, and full-board accommodation is provided in addition to an attractive remunerative package.

A typical day runs over 3 sessions (morning, afternoon and evening). Camp duties start with a wake-up call and only finish when all our participants are in bed! The days are long at our camps, but hugely rewarding experience at the same time.
Contracts are available for all or part of each camp, depending on the centre location.


The following positions are available:

  • Centre Manager
  • Director of Studies
  • Coordinator of Activities
  • English language teachers
  • Spanish language teachers
  • Activities Leaders
  • Administration Assistant


Read the information below and the relevant job description(s) carefully.

Email [email protected] and attach a cover letter explaining why you want to work at one of our Camps and detail your suitability for the role you are interested in. Please send a supporting copy of your CV and a recent photo of yourself. Please note that you will be asked to explain any gaps in the timeline in your CV.

Choices International will be given a conditional job offer to any successful applicants, pending receipt of proof of your qualifications (we will need to see originals and will keep a copy).

  • A DBS (police) check (paid for by Choices International). We will apply for this on your behalf. Choices International won’t accept existing DBS Enhanced Disclosure Certificates.
  • Two suitable references; you will need to provide the names and contact details of 2 suitable referees, which should be current or former employers or college/university tutors.
  • Proof of your right to work in the UK (a passport for UK/EU nationals or a work visa)

Once we have all this documentation and your signed contract, we will send you our Staff Handbook as well as more information/advice about what you need to do before you start working with Choices International.

For further information, please contact us [email protected]