Discover London

Our Summer Camp programme takes place within the stunning Roehampton university campus. This Is a beautiful 54-acre parkland campus, with historic buildings alongside modern, cutting-edge facilities, including a brand new, state-of-the-art Library. The campus helps us provide a clo“se-knit community feel for our students and a peaceful environment in which to study and live.

Located in the heart of south-west London and within easy reach of central London, studying with us will give you the best of both worlds: the community feel of a traditional university campus, with the culture and excitement of one of the greatest cities in the world.

A unique London Study-Experience

Our programme includes a fun range of multi-sports activities and excursions designed to really integrate you into London life and introduce you to the most significant London sites in Britain. At the same time, you will enhance your language skills through our interactive English course. All our teachers are native, accredited and highly qualified professionals.

Our programme is accredited by British Council to guarantee the high quality of
service in English classes. Language tuition uses a fun, participative approach to learning and emphasises spoken language skills. Students receive 15 hours of English lessons per week, in classes of a maximum size of 15 students. Students are tested on arrival, and placed with other students of approximately the same level.


  • Visit to the Historical places at Kingston-Upon-Thames (the city where the first king in England was crowned).
  • British Museum.
  • The London Eye.
  • Walking shopping tour at Kingston.
  • Walking tours through different parts of London.
  • Fun evening programmes at the school.


Individual en-suite rooms at Roehampton University, Froebel College.


  • Placement test.
  • 15 hours of English classes.
  • Full-board residential accommodation.
  • Daily afternoon and evening programme in English.
  • Excursion: two half-day excursions (London Eye, Kingston-Upon-Thames).
  • One full day excursion (London tour).
  • Fully supervised activities.
  • IT-room with free, supervised internet access.
  • Free Wi-Fi at the school.
  • Individual en-suite room.
  • Closing ceremony & certificates.