Manchester is the ‘uncrowned’ capital of the North of England and as the leading city location outside of London

It offers the advantages of a vibrant, up-and coming city; close to some of the most beautiful scenery in England. Manchester  has  managed  to  successfully  reinvent  itself  over  the last  decade  and  it  is  without  doubt  a  happening and  trendy  city, and  is  especially  easy  to  navigate,  thanks  to  the  comprehensive Metrolink tramway.

Few cities in the world can compare to Manchester and the way that it has evolved with change over the years. Manchester has embraced change, redevelopment and design, producing many world-class buildings, shopping centres and houses, with impressive architecture. The city is a wonderful place to visit at any time of year and has an enormous amount to offer tourists.

A friendly welcome

A child coming to our junior camp alone or for the first time will soon feel at home. Our on-site team go out of their way to get everyone involved right from the start, so that new friendships are formed quickly. On arrival children are registered, shown their accommodation and grouped according to age. Each group is then directed and supervised by its own group leader who remain with the children throughout their stay, helping and encouraging them in their activities.