Choices International has a mission to bring opportunities to student athletes, offering pathways to the highest levels of sports competition and education. Participating in sports can develop a positive & proactive attitude towards learning and competition which will support studies throughout their lives.

We are excited to introduce our USA College Sports Scholarship Pathways Opportunities, available to all of our Academic Year students. Through our wide professional network, we are able to offer support through a student´s College application process; identifying the best scholarship opportunities throughout the USA and pairing talent student athletes with their dream experience.

Choices International´s Scholarship Pathways are aimed at students who wish to study abroad in the USA to discover a new country, experience a new culture, graduate with a valuable degree and compete alongside the best student athletes in the world. There are opportunities to train with outstanding coaches in first-class facilities to students who want to pursue a range of sports.

Pursuing a College Sports Scholarship requires students to have maturity and determination, because living in another country with different customs and habits is not easy and involves great adaptability. However, studying in the USA with the support to continue improving as an athlete has great advantages: students will learn to be more independent, to make their own decisions and develop a human feeling, as well as to improve communication skills, critical thinking, problem solving and the competition opportunities.


  • A college sport scholarship offers students the opportunity to earn a high-class education at a fraction of the standard costs.
  • The USA is one of the best places in the world to effectively combine a top-level sports with a degree.
  • Colleges competing in NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA, and CCCAA provide a platform for successful careers.
  • Many capable athletes don’t pursue higher education because they fear losing contact with their sport. A college sport scholarship can provide a secure combination of sports and academics
  • All this alongside a full university degree programme student athletes receiving first class coaching, sport development guidance, free equipment & residential accommodation


  • Initial application through Choices International and our team will start to develop a player´s profile for College coaching teams to review.
  • To prepare a player profile all athletes need to record their games, events, practice, swing, etc. Collecting as much footage as possible to build a strong portfolio.
  • Attract attention by competing at the highest level possible, collecting achievements, pursuing excellent individual and team results.
  • Academic achievements are just as important as sports results and success in the classroom can increase the scholarship you will receive.

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Choices International ANNOUNCEMENT
Choice international, in exclusive partnership with West Ham United Foundation, is pleased to announce the formal opening of The International Academy of Football. West Ham United FC is one of the leading and most famous teams within the English Premier League and is widely-regarded   'The Academy of football' due to its proud history of developing world-class players within its Player Development Programme.  Among the many illustrious names to have emerged from the Academy are England World Cup-winning captain Bobby Moore, Frank Lampard, Rio Ferdinand, current England international Declan Rice and club captain Mark Noble. The new International Academy of Football Programme presents international student-athletes with the opportunity to experience world-class training and match-play under the direction of the West Ham United Foundation coaching team. Importantly, The Academy programme provides the opportunity for student-athletes to measure themselves against the best, be seen by leading scouts, and at the same time, complete a first-class education. Our team provides support and guidance to help student-athletes maximise their success on the field; whilst providing opportunities for trying out for US Sports Scholarships and gaining professional coaching, scouting and referee qualifications. The programme incorporates a solid educational foundation and offers participants a range of qualifications; including university pathway programmes, Higher National Diplomas, A levels and BTEC Sports Management diplomas.  In addition, students may study SAT, TOEFL, IELTS or intensive English courses. The programme opens up a wide range of career opportunities; whether as a professional player or by pursuing an academic and/or Management role. Participants can choose to pursue ambitions as a professional player, coach, progress to a US university with a sports scholarship or receive a sports degree in England. This is an elite programme designed for student-athletes with the ambition and talent to succeed. For more information please contact us!